A parterre house featuring stylistic elements of historicism and Art Nouveau. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Г”, with a long wing on the left side of the courtyard.

The interior rooms are arranged in two rows in depth, with a carriage gate entirely next to the right gable wall.

The house’s layout was recorded on the city’s 1885 map. The project for the reconstruction of the house of the chief police captain M. Demetrović was signed by builder Imre Kicveger in March 1897. It included rebuilding to change the room layout. The house was again reconstructed and expanded in 1906 for Dr. Milan Davidović, according to Anton Tikmajer’s design. In 1938, the partition walls were adjusted once more for the investor Grand Hotel “Sloboda”. The renovations were carried out by the construction company “Nedeljkov and M. Avramović”. In the early 1990s, the house was repurposed for commercial use and underwent new interior changes.

During this period, the street facade was renovated. The courtyard was asphalted, with small green oases with old zinnia trees left intact.

The facade features an architrave carriage entrance at the right corner, six windows, and two shallow risalits to the left of it.

One risalit has a larger three-wing window, and the other has two paired double-wing windows with a wide triangular pediment.

This type of pediment on decorative consoles is repeated on all windows except the one at the left corner, above which an acroterion is placed, a motif visually harmonized with the acroterions above the main entrance. This design includes profiled frames and small stucco decorations above all windows.

The attic parapet features a floral frieze. The entrance wings have been replaced with new metal ones. The basement is under the street part of the house with smaller openings on the plinth. In the spacious courtyard, along the back edge of the plot, there are auxiliary buildings connected to the main house, forming a closed building block. The courtyard facade is well-preserved, plastered, and with a cornice profiled downward in steps.

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