A single-story house in the Classicist style. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Г”.

It was built or renovated in the period after the uprising. At that time, its owner was Jovan Tomić. The street facade has three vertical openings. Above the windows, which are connected by a parapet cornice and open outward, there are semicircular lunettes, and above the entrance are segments. The attic cornice and eaves are stepped in profile, and the low parapet is without openings.

The ground floor is grooved and separated from the upper floor by a dividing cornice. The carriage passage on the right side is under Prussian vaults, and the rooms on the left are under barrel vaults.

The communication balcony is on tongue-shaped consoles and shallow vaults. The small courtyard is shared with the courtyard of the house at number 9 and is connected to Laze Telečki Street.

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