A single-story house in the Art Nouveau style. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “П”. In 1938, a two-story building with a matching layout was added along the courtyard wing towards Laze Telečki Street, forming a shared spacious courtyard.

The house was likely built in the first half of the 19th century, but it was renovated in 1918, giving the street facade a new appearance. These works were carried out for Magdalena Plesu, based on the designs of master mason Istvan Gusek. Alterations such as creating new entrances on the facade and the left courtyard wing were made in 1928 and 1957.

A narrow entrance passage was shifted to the left side, under a segmental arch. Along one courtyard wing and the central part of the building is a communication balcony on baroque consoles with shallow brick vaults between them. The consoles are not evenly spaced. Above the balcony is a deep eave. The other wing is constructed with Prussian vaults and iron girders, indicating construction after the mid-19th century. The stylization of the wrought iron railing, which combines spirals and vertical rods, also corresponds to this period.

On the upper floor of the main facade, there is a uniform series of six openings, with two in the center belonging to a balcony with an ornate cast iron railing.

The balcony consoles are in the shape of lion heads holding an old man’s head in their jaws.

The upper part of the windows is surrounded by gypsum floral plastic decorations of serial production, similar to those at number 8. The windows are grouped in pairs by vertical fluted Art Nouveau strips.

The structure of the ground floor openings has changed over time: at the corners are shop openings, below the balcony are two windows, and the double-wing entrance doors have been shifted to the left and raised by two steps.

The doors are partly glazed and secured with an Art Nouveau grille.

Between the ground floor and the upper floor is a flat horizontal band limited by a cornice. On the low attic parapet below the extended eaves is a frieze of garlands.

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