A single-story house with a layout in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Г”.

It was built during the third decade of the 20th century, based on the design by Jurij Nikolajevič Šreter, whose family lived there for a while. The facade is characterized by the asymmetry in the organization of architectural elements. On the ground floor, at the left corner, there is a single-wing entrance, and to the right are four windows, the first of which is a “kibic fenster”.

On the upper floor, above the entrance, there is a window followed by an interesting motif of a shallow rectangular oriel that extends into a balcony with a baluster railing and two windows. The entire oriel construction is supported by decoratively treated volute consoles, with a shell-like (semi-dome) centerpiece.

The facade’s decorativeness is enhanced by pilasters at the corners of the oriel, vegetative ornaments on its parapet and the fields above the windows, as well as a series of slender consoles and dentils on the low attic parapet.

The areas below the ground floor windows and the house’s corners are decorated with a rusticated motif.

The entrance hallway is widened in the middle of its depth, where a spiral staircase with an ornamental iron railing is located. The house contains two comfortable, spacious apartments.

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