A spacious parterre house in the Art Nouveau style. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Г”, with a courtyard wing on the right side, which once had an open porch.

The barrel-vaulted basement may have belonged to an older house on this plot. The rooms are arranged in two rows in depth, with the representative rooms facing the street. The construction was completed in 1909 for the owner Antal Zdelar, based on the project by master mason Stevan Krevešević. In the 1949 adaptation, some of the partition walls were removed.

The main facade features a prominent entrance section on a shallow risalit, located at the far left corner with an Art Nouveau contour opening and a high attic.

To the right is a series of five windows, and the upper part of this facade section, above the attic cornice, has a low, simple attic that hides the roof.

Around the openings is shallow plastic decoration executed in the spirit of Art Nouveau, while the attic parapet features a more subdued, classical geometry in the form of a frieze with small meanders and squares.

On the entrance attic is a medallion with a garland, where, according to a preserved drawing, the owner’s initials A.Z. once were. To the right and left are human masks, with another one at the top.

The courtyard facade has significantly changed from its original appearance with the addition of a new entrance and the closure of the open porch.

There is also an entrance to the basement, accessed by steep stairs.

In the courtyard, there is a large stone vase, likely a remnant of a former fountain. The Art Nouveau house has been renovated and is in good condition. The interior and courtyard spaces have been altered, but the original facade appearance has been preserved.

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