A single-story house in the modernist style. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Г”.

A story was added to the existing high-parterre building for tailor Teodor Grbić, based on a design signed by Danilo Kaćanski in 1936.

The shop, with large glass openings and a pedestrian entrance at the right corner, is covered by a horizontal concrete slab. Above it is a flat facade surface with two high-positioned three-wing windows in discreet frames with sills. On the open surface of the facade wall, there is a Cyrillic sign “Teodor Grbić,” who was a famous tailor in Novi Sad.

Until 1983, the shop housed a tailoring business, which was later converted into a hospitality establishment.

The courtyard space is narrow and elongated. Along the courtyard wing is a communication gallery with a simple iron railing.

The roof is gabled and covered with beaver-tail tiles. Today, the descendants of the Grbić family live in the house.

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