A three-story building in a modern style. It has two shorter courtyard wings, with the staircase located in the middle section. The building was constructed in 1936/37 for the Guardianship Fund of the Serbian Great Gymnasium, according to the design of the authorized construction engineer Danilo Kaćanski. The construction work was carried out by architect Jovan Melka. According to his design, in 1938, a floor addition was built onto the right courtyard wing. Minor modifications were made in 1944 under the supervision of Đorđe Tabaković. Previously, a high ground-floor house and a one-story building stood on this site. The facade features a wide, shallow risalit with a massive rectangular functional projection on the first floor, ending in an open terrace with a brick fence, executed in an arcade style, on the second floor. At the corners on the left and right are identical balconies with the same fence design. Around the large three-part windows are shallow profiled frames, extending into a lunette at the upper edge. The ground floor is clad in crushed reddish stone, while the upper parts are smoothly plastered.

A wide passage located below the second axis on the left side of the facade is secured with iron gates.

Above them is a coffered ceiling.

Access to the apartments on the upper floors is via the staircase in the middle wing with short landings and a simple iron railing, designed in a modernist style.

The added courtyard wing features a gallery.

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