Zmaj Jovina


This corner one-story house was built most likely after the Buna, in 1853, in the style of late classicism, which occupies a wide, shallow plot.

According to archival sources, the estimate for the renovation and extension of the floor was drawn up by architect and builder Šeft Todor for the owner V. Lazarević.

The base of the house is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “П”, with shorter right and left courtyard wings and a pedestrian entrance in the middle of the facade.

The main facade of the ground floor with shops is under arcade vaults, wide and in the axis of the windows on the first floor.

Between the ground floor and the first floor, the horizontal is emphasized by a wreath. On the far right, the pastry shop “Šeherezada” with a tradition of more than four decades, the vault is covered with a wooden structure.

On the main facade, there is a row of eleven windows on the first floor, with the first two being paired at the corner.

Above the windows are relief fields and simple architrave pediments on consoles.

In the frieze of the molded cornice, there are small ceiling openings in the form of rosettes, in the axes of the window openings on the first floor.

The facade is divided by three straight plastered pilasters with circular relief flowers, in the usual place for capitals.

From Miletićeva Street, the solution of the main facade was repeated, but without pilasters and with four axes of openings.

The roof structure of the house is complex. The roof covering on the street side was replaced with folded tiles, and the courtyard parts of the roof are still covered with original pepper tiles.

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