A two-story house, built in the Baroque style, with a foundation in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “П”, in the 18th century, judging by the architectural and decorative elements (spherical vaults of the entrance hall, Doric columns on the once open porch of the wing floor, massive columns supporting the spherical vaults of the porch ). In Buna, it most likely burned down, then was rebuilt in the Great Renovation in the early 1850s, during which a floor was added, which achieved an impression of accentuated height similar to the compact medieval houses of cities in Central Europe.

The street facade is very narrow with only three vertical openings, and a pedestrian entrance along the right end. The massive gate is built with stone jambs and a lintel, a skylight with a decorative wrought iron filling, and the wooden door leaves are in a characteristic diagonal pattern.

The central window on the first floor is a kibic fenster.

The horizontal division between the floors is emphasized by molded cordon cornices, and the vertical one on the first floor is achieved by pilasters flanking the central window and pilasters at the ends.

On Sauter’s plan from 1889, this house is marked on the then plot number 1794.

In the photo taken around 1900, we can clearly see the semicircular finished windows on the first floor.

In the photo taken in 1992, we see the street line from a similar angle as in the previous photo taken around 1900.

From the archives of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad (V.M. 42/25, 1992)

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