Cara Lazara (Futog)

Cara Lazara 13 (Futog)

The four-story “Fire Tower” was built on the corner of Cara Lazar and Njegoševa streets. It has a square base with a slightly stronger base. On the wall facing the street, on each floor, there are two narrow windows – they look like somewhat larger loopholes. The fourth floor is closed on all sides by a balcony with an iron fence. The tower ends with a quadruple, so-called With a tent roof made of sheet metal, which is surmounted by a smaller room built of Andean wood, which is the bell.

Since its foundation in 1814, the fire department has been without its own space for many years. That’s why they had to rent them, and for that they allocated significant funds. In 1908, the municipality of Stari Futog donated a plot of land to the society for the construction of a home and training ground on the outskirts of the then fairground. For the construction of the fire station, money was requested from insurance companies, municipalities, donors, Count Kotek, as well as in the form of a loan from private individuals with 10% interest. Based on the minutes of the society, Vidović and Milić state the decision to appoint a delegation that was determined to ask Count Kotek for support, i.e. financial support for the construction of the home, and if the count refuses, the delegation should address the competent political authorities in the village.

The foundation stone of the home was ceremonially laid on August 10, 1908. After more than three decades of postman status on May 4, 1909. In 2008, the moving into the newly built fire station was celebrated.

The wooden fire tower was built in 1910. The reason for the celebration was the later installation of the signal bell on the observation tower in 1911/1912. The fire tower made of solid material, which replaced the much lower tower made of wood, was dedicated on August 14, 1932.

He assumes that at that time above the entrance door of the ground floor of the fire tower, a fireman’s coat of arms was placed in shallow relief (fireman’s helmet and basic firefighting equipment in a laurel wreath) and the year of the foundation of the Futos fire brigade in 1814 and the year of the tower’s construction in 1932.

On the ground floor of the tower there is a room that used to be a chapel and is now a shoemaker’s shop, whose vault is still decorated with four angels in shallow relief.

The tower is a dominant object in the environment and is valuable as a historical and architectural layer of the settlement.

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