Cara Lazara (Futog)

Cara Lazara 6 (Futog)

Hunting association “Partridge-Futog” Futog

The “Partridge-Futog” hunting association is one of the oldest hunting associations in Vojvodina. It was founded on December 7, 1921 and had 26 members with the first president Dejan Vinokić and a hunting area of ​​7000 hectares. For this there is proof of the adopted Statute and the original minutes from the Founding Assembly of the then Federal Hunting Society Stari Futog. Our Hunting Association has in its name one of the rarest autochthonous game species – partridge, which was not accidentally taken as the name of this Hunting Association. It means that only thirty years ago it was represented in large numbers in the area of ​​Futog, i.e. in the habitat of this association. Due to the intensive cultivation of the land, due to consolidation of plots, due to improper and excessive use of pesticides, due to the increased number of predators, but also due to the number of stray dogs and cats, it has almost disappeared from this habitat. Today, only a few flocks of this type of feathered game can be seen in our hunting grounds during the year.

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