Beogradska 14

“Infantry Barracks near the Belgrade Gate”

On the right side of Belgrade Street, northwest of Belgrade Gate, between the curtain that connects the bastions of St. Benedict and St. Francisque and the Arsenal building, there is a one-story barracks, marked as Infanterie Kaserne on old plans. In terms of its functional-architectural design and characteristics, it resembles the Simple Barracks on the Upper Fortress. The building has a base in the form of an elongated rectangle with a closed porch-corridor on the southeast side, on which there is a series of glazed arcades on the ground floor and on the first floor. The corridor, on both levels, is vaulted with spherical vaults separated by semi-shaped ports. All the rooms are located in a row and are vaulted with massive semi-shaped vaults with vaulted branches. Between them are two stair verticals under segmental and cross vaults. The sanitary facilities were created by partitioning the rooms in the center of the building. The basement is located below the entire base of the building with a series of rooms vaulted with massive semi-circular vaults, similar in layout to the floors. Access to the basement is via brick stairs with wooden treads.

The external appearance of the building is in the style of simplified baroque in accordance with the function of the building. The openings are arranged in series and have simple frames (the original frame of yellowish sandstone can be seen under the plaster). At the corners, on each side, there is one shallow pilaster. Horizontality is emphasized by a single dividing ridge between the ground floor and first floor, as well as a wider profiled attic ridge. Carpentry is from different periods. The roof structure is four-pitched, covered with tiles, with attic vents and tall chimneys.

The building, from its creation at the beginning of the second half of the 18th century, kept its authentic purpose until two years ago. Today it is out of service, but it is still an integral part of the Serbian Army complex in the Lower Fortress.

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The Old Core of Novi Sad was declared a cultural asset, by the decision on establishing it as a spatial cultural-historical unit – 05 no. 633-151/2008 of January 17, 2008, “Sl. gazette of the Republic of Serbia” no. 07/2008.

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