Zeleznicka (Futog)

Zeleznicka 46 (Futog)

“Marianum” Futog

This building was built by Marija Kotek, born. Radai, wife of Count Rudolph Kotek, for the needs of the Futo hospital. Today, it houses the Gerontological Center “Novi Sad”.

One-story building, rectangular base with hipped roof. Deeply set back in relation to the street line, from which it is separated by a high fence with brick columns and an iron net.

Apart from the main facade, which has been preserved in its entirety, the house has completely lost its authentic appearance of the interior and to some extent other facades due to the reconstruction for the needs of the Gerontological Center, because buildings were built next to them. On the main facade, there is a narrow risalit with double doors and a window above. There are three window axes to the left and right of the risalite. Around the window on the ground floor is a very simple shallow plaster frame. The storey windows are surmounted by a horizontal flat molded architrave with slender ornate corbels, some of which are now missing (on the left).

Above the main entrance, there is a prominent two-pipe, brick drain with a frontal part designed in the form of a curvilinear attic. The facade is accentuated vertically at the corners with an imitation of a square, and horizontally with joints on the wall cloth with five profiled cornices.

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