Karadjordjeva (Sremska Kamenica)

Karadjordjeva 19 (Sremska Kamenica)

The Orthodox church in Sremska Kamenica dedicated to the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built from 1742-1758. in the spirit of Serbian medieval architecture with baroque elements. It is a single-nave building with a five-sided altar apse, wide rectangular choir spaces, a longitudinal nave and a ten-sided cube at the intersection of the transept. It was built in a combination of pressed sandstone, yellowish color and bricks. The facades have a series of blind arcades in a combination of stone, brick and plaster. The windows are stone casements. In the middle of the 18th century, a three-story stone belfry with an emphatically high Baroque cap was added to the western facade. The original iconostasis from 1753 as well as the painting from 1754 were painted by Jovan Vasilijevič and Vasilije Ostojić, combining traditional Orthodox icon painting with baroque color, light and perspective. Today’s altar partition, carved by Marko Vujatović from 1797, is decorated in a baroque style with emphasized symmetry close to classicism. The iconostasis from the end of the 18th century, rock-colored, is the work of Stefan Gavrilović from 1802. In the church, there is also an icon of the Archangel Michael, which was painted in 1856 by the painter Stevan Aleksić. It is assumed that the wall paintings were done by Amvrosije Janković in 1760. In the church there is also one manuscript book, four printed books (3 gospels and a trebnik, all from the 17th century) and several church-administrative books. Major conservation works were carried out in 1968/69. and 1994. One manuscript and four old books in the church are protected by a special decision of the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Petrovaradin, number 667 of December 7, 1966

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