After the decision to move the Museum of Vojvodina to the old Courthouse, the empty land lot next to it was planed for the Museum of Workers Movement and People’s Revolution, or short the Museum of Revolution.

The building for the Museum of Revolution was designed by Ivo Vitic in Zagreb, in the style of Moderna. Belgrade professor Zoran Pavlovic designed the vitrage that dominates the street facade.

The first exhibition in the Museum of Revolution was opened in 1972, and Zagreb architect Djuka Kavuric designed it.

The Provincial Government of AP Vojvodina decided to move the Museum of Modern Arts of Vojvodina to this building on Maj 13th, 2009. Since 2012 the Museum of Modern Arts operates in this building.

The drone picture below shows us the entire building:

The realisation of this site was supported by the Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad

Sources and materials of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad were used for this site

THE NOVI SAD OLD TOWN was declared a cultural property by the decision for determining spatial cultural-historical unit – 05 No 633-151/2008 of 17th January 2008, “Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia” No 07/2008.