The one-story building with a central one-story part around the main entrance, known as the “Teacher’s Dormitory”, was built between 1897 and 1901, in the historicist style, with a base in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “П”.

The teacher Gavra Putnik gave the idea to establish the Association of Teachers with a boarding school for the education of teachers’ children in 1888, and in 1895 a house and lots were bought from the contributions, which together covered the entire odd side of the street. The right side of the teacher’s dormitory was built according to the project of Anton Tickmayer in 1897, and the left and central floor part in 1901 according to the plan of Alexander Vulk.

After the school reform in 1968, this boarding school became a Women’s High School Dorm, and from 1976 it became a High School Dorm.

The size of the teacher’s dormitory covers the corners of Nikolajevska Street towards Miletićeva Street and Đura Jakšića Street, accentuated by high-rise buildings with high steep hipped roofs and luxurious neo-baroque attics. The central building in Nikolajevska street with an upgraded floor and main entrance. The windows and the main entrance on the ground floor are semi-circular with finials. On the first floor, the windows are architraved and surmounted by triangular pediments. The balcony is centrally placed with a sided wrought iron fence.

The facade is richly decorated in the neo-baroque style, and partly covered with facade bricks in a yellow tone.

On Sauter’s plan from 1889, the plots on which the Teacher’s Dormitory was built are marked. On the corner towards Miletićeva we can see the foundation of the house where this institution started its work, as well as the empty lots towards Đure Jakšića street, where the first part of the present building will be built in 1897 according to the project of Anton Tikmajer.

The old house on the corner of Miletićeva Street, where the boarding school started operating in 1895, and the new one on the corner towards Đure Jakšića Street, built in 1897 according to the plan of Anton Tickmajer, can be seen in the following photo taken between 1897 and 1900.

In a colored photograph taken around 1905, we see a part of the Teacher’s dormitory on the corner with Miletićeva.

In the photo taken around 1930, we see the central floor part of the Teacher’s Dormitory with the main entrance, which is placed along the right edge of the risalite.

In the photo from 1992, we see a part of the building of the Teacher’s Dormitory, in Đure Jakšića Street.

From the archives of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad (V.M. 26/11, 1992)

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