About the author:

Born on April 27, 1980. in Bačka Topola. Graduated from the Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad.

Immediately after completing his studies, in January 2007, he was involved as an external collaborator in the work on the project of the Republic Ministry for Science “Biographies of Old Belgrade Craftsmen” within the Museum of the City of Belgrade. By working on this project, the life stories of around 60 Belgrade artisans were documented using audio-visual techniques with appropriate archival support. The first series of seven selected crafts was published under the title “A contribution to the study of old crafts from the Belgrade area” (1) in the Yearbook of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, book LIV/ 2007, 357-386, published by the Museum of the City of Belgrade.

This project marked his further work, in which, through a series of projects, he was dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the heritage of old crafts in Serbia, through documenting stories and photographs from this area, as well as the realization of more than 40 documentary television shows on various aspects of the cultural heritage of Novi Sad and Serbia.

This series of photographs shows old craftsmen in the act of creation.


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