Beogradska 17

The one-story residential and commercial building was built on a plot that stretches across the entire width of the block, between Beogradska Street and Prota Mihaldžić Street. The base is rectangular, with the shorter side on the main street with the entrance corridor shifted to the left.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је beogradska-broj-17-sd1-683x1024.jpg

On the front side, there are two bars, and in the depth of the space, a series of three rooms on the right and one room and a stairwell on the left.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је beogradska-broj-17-s1-donji-deo-1024x328.jpg

All rooms on the ground floor are under vaulted structures, above the passage they are cruciform, and above the other rooms are semi-shaped with vaulted branches. The staircase is one-legged, winding, placed parallel to the passage and closed by double-winged doors made of wrought iron with decoration in the form of radially arranged spears in the lunette.

On the first floor, there is a vestibule of the ganga paved with stone blocks with a smaller door decorated with wrought iron fittings. On the courtyard side, there is a balcony of iron paved with stone construction with characteristically shaped supports and a wrought iron fence in a diagonal weave.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је beogradska-broj17-z1-dvoriste-stan-681x1024.jpg

The apartment on the first floor is spacious and occupies the entire base of the building.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је beogradska-broj17-z1-dvoriste-1024x772.jpg

The roof is high, on two pitches, covered with newer sintered pepper tiles. The basement occupies a large part of the base of the building and serves as a storage room, only partly due to the presence of water. The yard facing Prote Mihaldžića Street is surrounded by a brick fence, next to which the substation facility is located. In the central part of the plot, along the right-hand furrow, in the places of the former ground-floor auxiliary buildings, two new residential buildings were built, illegally, consisting of a ground floor and a high attic, the design of which is inappropriate to the ambience of the sub-district.

The street facade of the main building is designed in four opening axes. On the first floor, there is a row of windows in a simple plaster frame with an accented solbank, and above them, a rectangular ornament with two-part grooved sides is recessed into the plaster. There are shallow pilasters at the corners of the floor facade. On the ground floor, there is a dominant semi-circular opening of the two-wing car entrance, on which the verticals are accentuated by imitating stone blocks. The semicircle of the opening is profiled with a finish made plastic in plaster. Heavy double-winged wooden doors with a ray-cut ornament in the upper part and rosettes in the center of the upper field of the wing bear the characteristics of classicism.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је beogradska-broj-17-s1-1024x683.jpg

According to the plastic shapes on the facade, vaults on the ground floor, wrought iron details and processing of other elements, the house dates back to the transition from the 18th to the 19th century and bears the characteristics of the Baroque-Classic style.

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The Old Core of Novi Sad was declared a cultural asset, by the decision on establishing it as a spatial cultural-historical unit – 05 no. 633-151/2008 of January 17, 2008, “Sl. gazette of the Republic of Serbia” no. 07/2008.

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