Marije Trandafil Square


The one-story building of the Serbian elementary school, better known as Miletić’s elementary school, was built in the style of classicism, with a foundation in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Ш”, 1871/74. in the gate of the Nikolaev Church, based on the project of Đerđa Molnar, “at the expense of the town municipality” by the decision of the General Assembly of Magistrates from 1869.

The original decision to build a Serbian elementary school was made in 1867, when Svetozar Miletić was the mayor, but it was not implemented.

Since 1975, this building housed the “Staro Zdanje” restaurant and catering school.

The school is a massive one-story building, with three short courtyard wings, finished with a broken mansard roof.

The street facade is dominated by two symmetrical risalites, with accentuated entrances surmounted by triangular tympanums, separate for male and female children. The attic cornice on the risers is with a dense row of spiral consoles, and ends with flat attics.

Windows in profiled plaster frames are surmounted by architrave pediments.

The ground belt was treated with rustic imitation.

The divided men’s and women’s part of the building could accommodate about 360 students. Libraries and a conference room were located on the first floor.

On Sauter’s plan from 1889, it is marked as “Serbian National School”.

In the photo taken around 1900, with the inscription on the frieze “Serbian Elementary School”, and across the street we see the stalls on the Han market.

An aerial photo taken in 1926 shows the center of Novi Sad and the building of the Serbian elementary school is circled.

This photo was taken in 1995.

From the archives of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad (O.Z. 42/10, 1995)

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