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About the author:

Nenad Prodanović was born in 1980 in Novi Sad. He completed his studies in computer science at the Faculty of Arts in his hometown. He takes photos and travels whenever and wherever he goes. It propagates the philosophy of travel, according to which, among other things, it gains complete meaning when translated into a travelogue or, even better, a photojournal, so that every kilometer traveled is always followed by a watchful eye, or more precisely, the lens of a faithful Nikon or Fuji. Lately, he has become interested in documentary and street photography, especially in the “old-fashioned” way, so there must now be room for Ilford’s films and classic normals in his travel bag…

Novi Sadovi
When traveling, we are constantly comparing. The atmosphere, streets, people, events, places – everything either already reminds us of something or is completely new to us.
In the beginning, each city is compared with its hometown, later cities with each other, and then in their own city they look for other cities…

This is a comparative photo analysis of Novi Sad and Belorussia walls, roofs, streets, markets, parks, arcades, buildings, festivals, people


Reykjavik, the northernmost capital of Europe

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