Dvor (Sremska Kamenica)

Dvor 2 (Sremska Kamenica)

Marcibanji-Koračonji Castle in Sremska Kamenica

The castle with a park and auxiliary buildings in Sremska Kamenica is one of the most representative units of the Spahian estates from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. The castle was designed for the Marcibanji family in a classicist style and integrated into the proctor, decorated in the image of a typical “English park”. In the 19th century, until 1918. year, the castle was owned by lord Karačonji, who, like his predecessor, brought rare species of plants from various parts of the world for this far-famed park. The castle was built in stages. The large main building was built from 1797 to 1811.

A major reconstruction and extension was carried out in 1835 and 1850. The auxiliary buildings, near the banks of the Danube, were completed by 1850. The castle has a rectangular base, it is composed of four buildings that form an atrium proctor in the center. A pure stylistic conception in which the characteristic constructive and decorative elements (colonnades of Doric columns, simply profiled), openings, wrought iron ornaments, etc., were consistently implemented.

They complete the idea of ​​the construction activity and architecture of the manor buildings of the 19th century in this area. The park around the castle was laid out from 1834-1836 and covers an area of ​​28 hectares, covered with dense forest or spacious meadows.

The park was decorated with stone monuments and sculptures.

In the park there were the Pompeian column, swing, Adam and Eve, reclining girl, five heads on pillars and etc. Over time, the nature around the castle lost the concept of an “English park” decorated with stone monuments and sculptures. Some remains of these stone sculptures still exist.

Style: classicism

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