Dunavska (Sremska Kamenica)

Dunavska 5 (Sremska Kamenica)

It is a one-story building, built as a high ground floor. There are six louvres on the facade, between which is a double-hung window with an accented plastic opening. The windows open to the outside.

There used to be an entrance to the building from the street side (on the right, under the window) finished with an arch. Later it was walled up (found when the plaster on the facade was removed). The current entrance to the building, also arched, is from the courtyard side, via a small staircase. The courtyard side used to have a corridor and a porch with stairs, between which there were arched openings. At the entrance, there are double-winged wooden doors covered with iron, on which there are characteristic decorations made of cast iron in the form of small rosettes. One street room is vaulted with a semi-shaped vault with vaulted branches. In the basement of the building, which is vaulted with half-shaped and vaulted vaults, there is a small cross and the numbers 1743 on one side wall.

The facade of the house is completely modernized.

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