Zlatne grede


A residential house in the eclectic style. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “Г”, with a wing on the left courtyard side. It was built on a spacious plot that extended to Serlić Street, at the turn of the two centuries. The right side is free, and simultaneously a gate and fence with brick pillars and iron parapets were built there.

The eclectically designed facade features five windows in a row with strong triangular pediments, pilasters, and window sills. The small wall surfaces between the windows are shallowly grooved, while the division in three places is accentuated by vertically aligned blocks, executed with protruding brick. In the axis of all the windows are ornamented attic openings. The basement has a semi-circular construction.

The house contains two residential units. One is in the street-facing part, and the other was later formed from auxiliary rooms in the courtyard wing. The entrance to the main apartment is through a porch placed on the courtyard facade of the street-facing part of the house. Over time, there have been changes in the interior, but original elements such as woodwork, locks with cast mask motifs, and ceramic stoves have been preserved.

The courtyard was once paved with bricks but is now concreted. In the small garden, there is a preserved pedestal where a bust of Laza Kostić (1841-1910), who lived in this house for a period, once stood.

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