Zlatne grede


A high-parterre house in the eclectic style. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “П”. It was built for Svetozar Stojanović, based on a design from 1901 by master mason Anton Tikmajer. The facade is richly decorated. The right side is adjacent to the neighboring house, while the left gable wall is free. In the center is a large semicircular carriage passage with massive ornamented wings, featuring dominant panels and decorative iron grilles. To the right and left are two pairs of semicircular windows in prominently ornamented frames, with the far left window being a “kibic fenster”. These windows are accentuated with triangular and semicircular pediments on consoles and stucco decorations in the field. The parapets feature rectangular panels. The facade is vertically divided with pilasters. On the attic parapet, in the central zone, is a dense row of ornate consoles, and above the corner pairs of windows are attic openings with stucco decoration. The basement, vaulted with a semi-circular vault, is located below the left part of the house. The roof is gabled and covered with beaver-tail tiles.

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