A single-story house located at the corner of Milovan Vidaković Street. The house’s layout is in the shape of the Cyrillic letter “П”, with shorter right and left courtyard wings.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the house has significant ambient value. The part of the facade facing Skerlićeva Street was reconstructed, likely during the fourth decade of the 20th century, in the modern architectural style, featuring an entrance and two pairs of windows on the right side.

The facade on the left side has retained its original appearance, with an entrance to the shop and elongated windows with eight panes, set in shallow frames with geometric ornaments above.

The facade facing Milovan Vidaković Street on the left side has a carriage entrance with a simple gate and windows identical to those on Skerlićeva Street. The roof eave is significantly extended outward.

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