Zmaj Jovina


This two-story house was built between 1820 and 1860. The house bears the features of the late Neoclassical style. 

The house has an L-shaped floor-plan, with the yard-wing on the right side. There used to be an arched gateway in the middle of the street facade when it was built.

Zmaj Jovina 1 in 1910s.
Zmaj Jovina 1 in 1914

The original look of the street facade was changed in the 1925 reconstruction, giving it the main features of its present-day appearance. The gateway in the middle of the street facade was closed, and instead, a narrow passage was added at the right end, that now leads to the courtyard and the first-floor apartments. The blueprint for the reconstruction was done by Djura Grusevic, for the owner Milan Popov.

Zmaj Jovina 1 in 1990s

On the ground-floor of the street facade, there are four arched shop-openings and the narrow passage on the right end is rectangular.

There are five windows on the first-floor facade, decorated in the Neoclassical style, with architraves and pilasters.

A detail on the street facade

The communication balcony with wrought-iron railing connects the first-floor rooms.

Communication balcony on the yard-wing

The street wing of the house has a double-slope roof, while the short yard wings have a single-slope roof. The street wing and the right yard wing is covered with the original crown tiles.

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