The groundwork for the City Courthouse and jail building had started in 1892, when the city gave this land lot, next to the popular Promenade. The army objected about its location because it was very close to the Barbican of the fortress.
The Emperor permitted to continue the building after years of waiting on June 3rd, 1898.

In the next panoramic photo we can see the beginnig of the groundworks in 1898:

The original blueprint, designed by Djula Vagner in Budapest, in 1898:

The building was finished the same year. This is the first image of the finished City Courthouse before the pavements were laid.

The Courthouse started to work in 1900. In the next panoramic photo, we can see the City Courthouse and the jail behind it, with a high wall.

In the next photo taken in 1905, we can see the pavement, tree line, and light posts in front of the Courthouse.

In 1960s the City Court was moved to the new building and this one was given to the Museum of Vojvodina. In 1976 it was reconstructed and adapted for the Museum. In 1988 the jail was reconstructed and adapted for the Archive of Vojvodina.
In the photo taken in 1997, we can se the facade mostly unchanged since it was built.

From the archives of ZZSK of the City of Novi Sad (O.Z. 68/8, 1997.)

In the next photo we can see its present-day look:

This drone photo shows us the entire building:

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